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W elcome to Abacus Tax Software the home of affordable tax software and electronic filing. The 1040 tax software is just $799.95 on sale this month ONLY! Or buy the 2016 1040 tax software on our Payment Plan which starts at just $279.96 for 3 payments. Our 1040 Pack provides you with a completely integrated tax software program, electronic filing, and RAL and PERC Check system. Our tax software package offers you over 250 federal tax forms and state tax software modules to choose from. Our TaxAgent tax software is perfect for medium to large sized CPA and accounting firms. Ask us about pricing. Our famous, best selling Business Tax Software package includes 8 of the most needed tax software programs. The perfect business tax software programs include forms 706, 709, 990, 1023, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, and 5500. Why not buy your tax software at a fraction of the cost that our competitors charge?  Our tax software comes with 1-800 technical support!
To see a screen shot of our tax software click here! Our tax software programs are database driven, simple to use, and feature the modern, logical, and familiar, Windows  interface. Just enter your data in the tax form on your screen. See for yourself why thousands of tax professionals used our software last year.
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Have a question about our tax software, or would you like to view an online FasTrac PhotoShow of our tax software, or a streaming video about the IRS e-file program? Click Here!
In addition to our tax software we offer FREE IRS demographics!  FREE IRS DEMOGRAPHICS DATA  Get your FREE IRS demographics from Abacus Tax Software!
Are you thinking of opening a tax preparation office? Wondering where a good location would be? Do you know how many tax preparers there are in your current or proposed market? How many ERO's? How many taxpayers? The answers to these questions and more are in the IRS Demographics Database - available FREE from Abacus Tax Software. You can now determine the total market potential for any zip code in the United States. Compiling as much information about a potential market before expanding your business or starting a marketing campaign can mean the difference between success and failure. To get your free IRS Demographics Data just fill in our Inquiry Form and type "IRS" in the comment section.  
Last year over 10,000 tax professionals switched to our tax software!
The IRS's Market Segment Specialization Program focuses on developing highly trained IRS examiners for a particular market segment. These Audit Guides contain IRS examination techniques and other information to assist IRS examiners. These are the very same Audit Guides that IRS examiners use to conduct examinations of tax returns. If you'd like to know what IRS examiners look for when auditing various types of businesses and people in certain occupations you'll find these IRS Market Segment Specialization Program Audit Guides to be of great value. To get your free IRS Audit Guides just fill in our Inquiry Form and type "AUDIT GUIDES" in the comment section.
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